Building from source

To build the java .jar artifact, you need JDK, Maven and Git installed on your system.

Get the source code

Download the source code repository and optionally checkout a specific tag:

git clone
cd CloudProviderRanker
git checkout v0.6.0

Build the java .jar

Build the java .jar by running:

mvn compile

After the compilation is done, the artifact can be found in the file target/CloudProviderRanker-jar-with-dependencies.jar. The artifact is dependency free as it contains all it needs.

Build RPM and DEB packages

To produce the .rpm and .deb packages just issue the command:

mvn package

The packages can then be found at:

  • target/CloudProviderRanker-<version>_all.deb
  • target/CloudProviderRanker/RPMS/noarch/CloudProviderRanker-<version>.noarch.rpm

For example, the packages for tag v0.6.0 can be found at:

  • target/CloudProviderRanker-0.6.0-1_all.deb
  • target/CloudProviderRanker/RPMS/noarch/CloudProviderRanker-0.6.0-1.noarch.rpm

Building a Docker image

To build a docker image you have to first build the Cloud Provider Ranker .jar, as described in the above sections.

Then issue the command:

docker build -t <IMAGE_NAME> .

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