Registration service

IAM provides a registration service that allows users to submit a memberhip request. Such request is then approved or rejected by the IAM administrators.

New registration

To submit a new registration request, users can go to IAM login page and click the Register a new account button.

INDIGO IAM Registration button

The name, surname, email and username fields are mandatory. The notes field can used to include extra information targeted at IAM administrators.

INDIGO IAM Registration form

Confirm registration request

If the submission ends successfully, an email verification link is sent to the user email address with a request to confirm his registration request.

INDIGO IAM Registration validation page

Once the request is confirmed, IAM administrators are notified with an email.

Requests management

Only IAM users with administrative privileges have the rights to approve or reject a registration request.

To performe this operation, log into IAM as administrator and open the new dashboard by clicking the New Admin Dashboard button in the left-side menu.

On the left, the link Request opens the requests management page.

From this page, an administrator can approve or reject membership requests.

INDIGO IAM Registration management page

Password setup

Once a request is approved, an email is sent to the user with a reset password link. This URL points to page where the user can choose a password for the IAM account.

INDIGO IAM Registration change password form

Once the password is set, users can login to the IAM using the username chosen at registration time and the password.

Reset password

To reset their password, users can go to the IAM login page and click the link Forgot your password?.

INDIGO IAM Forgot Password

Users can then enter their email address, and if the entered email address is linked to a registered user a reset password link will be sent to such email address.

INDIGO IAM Forgot Password submission form

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