CloudProviderRanker v. 0.4.2-1

CloudProviderRanker is a standalone REST WEB Service which ranks cloud providers basing on rules implemented with the Drools framework

The CloudProviderRanker checks if preferences have been specified; if they have, then they have absolute priority over any other provider's information (like monitoring data).

If preferences are not specified, for each provider the rank is calculated as sum of SLA's rank and a combination of monitoring data, each of them conveniently normalized with weight specified in a Ranker's configuration file.


Release Notes

What's new

This is the first release of the service offering

  • Experimental basic ranking algorithm
    • ranking based, first of all, on user's priorities then based on monitoring data if missing priorities
  • support for plain and SSL http connection
  • zero configuration stand alone http server (no tomcat/JBoss container required)
  • embedded jar file provided (all dependencies, but JDK, are included in the provided jar)
  • required JDK >= 1.8.0 (resolved as dependency by package installation)
  • Dockerfile for container build
  • yaml file for deployment in Kubernetes cluster

Supported platforms

  • Any Linux operating system supporting JRE >= 1.8 (CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.)

List of RfCs

  • N/A

Deployment Notes

  • Provided RPM and DEB packages.
  • Both provide /etc/init.d/cloudproviderranker start/stop script.
  • Installation of RPM also starts the service; de-installation stops the service

After setting the INDIGO-DC repositories as explained in the Generic Installation & Configuration Guide:

  • On CentOS 7, as root or otherwise using sudo:
    $ yum install -y
    $ yum clean all
    $ yum install CloudProviderRanker
  • On Ubuntu 14.04, as root or otherwise using sudo:
    $ add-apt-repository cloud-archive:liberty
    $ apt-get update
    $ apt-get install CloudProviderRanker

  • More details regarding the installation and configuration can be found in the CloudProviderRanker Deployment And Administration Guide

Known Issues

  • N/A

List of Artifacts


  • CloudProviderRanker-0.4.2-1.deb
  • CloudProviderRanker-0.4.2-1_1.noarch.rpm

Docker Container



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