FutureGateway API Server Daemon

The FutureGateway API Server) project implements the interface of a RESTful API Server, compliant with CSGF APIs specifications. Any activity processed by this interface will be then processed and orchestrated by the FutureGateway API Server Daemon component.

The APIServerDaemon is a polling daemon working as a java servlet operating under Tomcat8. This daemon polls on top of the REST queue table and process the requests accordingly


Release Notes v0.0.3

What's new

First official FutureGateway release.

Supported Platforms:

  • Linux(ELx/Deb), MacOSx
  • Ubuntu 14.04 Server, CentOSX, MacOSx

List of RfCs

    • N/A

Deployment Notes

Installation methods

Known Issues

  • N/A


List of Artifacts



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