The APEL project provides accounting for the Indigo DataCloud project. It is written in Python and uses MySQL.


APEL Cloud Accounting can account for the usage of OpenNebula and OpenStack instances. Accounting "collectors" need to be installed on machines with access to the underlying Cloud infrastructure. The collectors can be found here.

The collectors produce "Usage Records" in the APEL-Cloud v0.2 or v0.4 message formats. Information about these format can be found here.

These records need to be sent as POST requests to the REST endpoint .../api/v1/cloud/record, where ... is the machine hosting the docker image. A POST request requires an X.509 certificate to authenticate the request. The hostname, which should be the same as the common name (CN) contained in the X.509 certificate, must be listed as a provider here for the request to be authorized.

Accepted records are summarised twice daily. These summaries can be accessed with a GET request to .../api/v1/cloud/record/summary. Summaries can be filtered using key=value pairs. See Supported key=value pairs for a list of valid supported key=value pairs. A GET request requires an IAM access token be included in the request. This token is then sent to the IAM to authenticate the ID of the service requesting access to the summary. This ID needs to be in ALLOWED_FOR_GET in apel_rest/ for access to be authorized. See Authorize new WP5 components to view Summaries for instructions on adding service to ALLOWED_FOR_GET

It is currently expected that only the QoS/SLA tool will interact with these summaries.


Release Notes v. 1.3.2-1

What's new

  • Dockerhub Image Tag: 1.3.2-1, containing:
    • APEL REST Interface version 1.3.2-1
    • APEL Server version 1.6.0-1

List of RfCs

Deployment Notes

Known Issues

  • N/A

List of Artifacts

  • The supported platforms

    • CentOS7 and Ubuntu 16. As the software is deployed as a docker container, any OS with docker should be able to deploy the Accounting Service
  • Docker Container:



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