• This project provides module which adheres to cdmi-spi defined interface. This interface is meant to be implemented by extension modules for INDIGO CDMI server.
    • The cdmi-s3-qos module aims at integrating RADOS gateway based S3 object storage with QoS management layer of INDIGO CDMI server.


Release Notes v. 2.0

What's new

Highlights of the features provided in the INDIGO-2 release:

  • support for data namespace browsing. The old version gives access only to QoS attributes of data-objects with well know URLs, so to be able to examine attributes of given data-object you had to know the exact URL upfront,
  • support for CDMI export attribute, it allows to expose to the client information about configured data access protocols, thanks to that end user is able to find the data-object with WebDav for example, but to be well understand: export attribute only informs about alternative protocols, it doesn't provide them, if by any chance the data object is available through WebDAV then export attribute will tell it
  • support for bunch of new QoS attributes including:
    • exposing information about data lifetime
    • exposing information about data retention policy
  • removed dependency on cdmi-s3-qos-ceph-provider module, the information which was earlier provided by cdmi-s3-qos-ceph-provider now is partially read from configuration file (in case of static things) and partially is obtained directly from backed server through S3 protocol

Supported platforms:

  • all with Java >= 1.8, tested on Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7

List of RfCs


Deployment Notes

Known Issues

  • N/A

List of Artifacts




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