The Cloud Information provider generates a representation of cloud resources, to be published inside INDIGO - DataCloud CMDB.


Release Notes - cloud-info-provider-indigo v. 0.10.0 & cloud-info-provider v. 0.7.0

What's new

Highlights of the INDIGO-2 release:

  • This update provides repositories and packaging refactoring:
  • INDIGO-related content has been moved to a dedicated repository and the cloud-info-provider is now using the stock version as features developed in the context of INDIGO have been merged in it.
  • With this update it is possible to have only the cloud-info-provider package to register site information in both the CMDB and a Site BDII just by using different arguments and templates.
  • INDIGO-related templates are deployed by the cloud-info-provider-indigo package.

Supported Platforms

  • CentOS7 and Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty)

List of RfCs

  • #28 - Splitting repositories/packages
  • Documentation update related to new splitted packages
  • Ansible role update to use new splitted packages

Deployment Notes

installation & Configuration:

  • No manual intervention should be needed, but in case there are existing cron tasks they will have to take into account the following changes:
    • cloud-info-provider-indigo-service has been renamed to cloud-info-provider-service as cloud-info-provider is now using the stock version
    • /etc/cloud-info-provider-indigo has been renamed to /etc/cloud-info-provider as cloud-info-provider is now using the stock version. If needed copy any customization to the new directory.
  • RHEL</br> yum clean all && yum update cloud-info-provider-indigo
  • Ubuntu</br> apt-get update && apt-get install -V python-cloud-info-prov

Known Issues

  • N/A

List of Artifacts



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