The Monitoring Framework is a set of tools which allow performing several monitoring operations in the platform resulting from the INDIGO-Datacloud project ( The Monitoring Framework is based on Zabbix, as the collector of the monitoring information coming from different sources, due to its maturity, its community support and its flexibility for different environments.

The Monitoring Framework is divided in several main parts:

  • The Zabbix server (with the corresponding configuration and some support scripts);
  • The Zabbix wrapper, created for enabling a REST API for Zabbix;
  • Several probes, with different monitoring purposes (OCCI, Heapster, etc.).

The version of the OCCI and Heapster probes provided for the INDIGO-1 release is v0.95.


Release Notes

What's new

Short summary of the improvements, new features and/or important fixes

  • Added the openstack-zabbix-probe capable of checking the status of openstack cloud providers by questioning the native API
  • Added the probe for Mesos/Marathon for checking information about the master/slaves/tasks deployment
  • Added the probe for TOSCA, in order to check that a deployment is done correctly
  • Integration of some probes with the IAM

Supported Platforms:

  • Operating System and Cloud Management Frameworks - Please list all of them, starting with the mandatory ones [1]
    • openstack-zabbix-probe supported platform: Debian
    • OCCI, Heapster, Mesos/Marathon probes: deb and rpm

Version of the component/service

  • openstack-zabbix-probe version 1.01
  • OCCI probe version 2.0
  • Mesos/Marathon probe version 1.01
  • Heapster probe version 1.01
  • TOSCA probe version 1.0

List of RfCs

Deployment Notes

Known Issues

  • N/A

List of Artifacts

The packages released are the following:


  • Documentation on the INDIGO-DC Monitoring Framework is available from the README file in GitHub.
  • INDIGO-DC Monitoring Documentation is available also from GitBook

Documentation is divided in three main parts:

  • Deployment and Administration Guide: Describes how to install and configure correctly the probes and their main dependencies (JVM and Zabbix Agent);
  • User Guide: Provides information about how to use the probes and how to find the information they generate in Zabbix;
  • Developer Guide: Describes some aspects of the implementation and instructions about validation, building and packaging


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