ONEDATA v. 3.0.0-rc14

Onedata is a global data management system, providing easy access to distributed storage resources, supporting wide range of use cases from personal data management to data-intensive scientific computations.

For quick overview of basic concepts and functionality check out our Getting started section.


Release Notes v. 3.0.0-rc14

What's new

This release provides te following versions of the OneData framework:

  • Oneprovider
  • Onezone
  • Oneclient

Specific product release notes for the version included in INDIGO-2 release

  • specific product release notes for the version included in INDIGO-1 release (highlights on the improvements, new features and/or important fixes)
  • Onezone:

    • Spaces size in provider pop up in Onezone
    • Copy provider hostname to clipboard in Onezone
    • Get support token from drop-down menu of space
    • Reordered panels in Onezone sidebar, automatic context expand
    • Group management panel: list groups and join a group
    • Added "pending" status of provider
    • Enable graceful stop on SIGTERM
    • Access token input is now readonly
    • Allow using external access token to authorize REST operations
  • Oneprovider:

    • Fixing hanging "Waiting for Onezone session" message
    • Improved performance of files list
    • Fixing missing file after upload (finalising file upload after RPC completion)
    • Provider name in top bar
    • Select files range with shift
    • Fixing infinite data-space loading when one of supporting providers does not work or there are no providers at all
    • Enable graceful stop on SIGTERM
  • Onepanel:

    • Allow integer for provider geo long/lat
    • Add cookie authentication
    • Add mount in root and read-only options
  • Oneclient:

    • Ported S3 and Swift helpers to OSX
    • Disabled directIO detection on macOS
    • Ported oneclient to OSX
    • Switch to low-level FUSE API and fibers.

Supported Platforms:

  • Oneclient:
    • any platform that supports Docker Engine (>11.2)
    • Ubuntu 14.04, 15.04, 16.04
    • SL6
    • CentOS 7
    • Fedora 23
  • OneProvider & OneZone
    • Ubuntu 16.04
    • Fedora 23

From INDIGO-2 repositories OneZone and OneProvider are released as Docker containers, while OneClient as packages (rpm, deb) for CentOS7 and Ubuntu 16.04 and Docker container.

List of RfCs

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Deployment Notes

Known Issues

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List of Artifacts

The repo with packages:


Docker images:



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