Token Translation Service (WaTTS)

The Token Translation Service (TTS) offers an easy way to self service credentials by the users. The TTS was necessary to develop for cases when OpenId Connect serves as the only source for authorization and identification. Therefore, the TTS bridges the gap between services that do not support OpenId Connect and the OpenId Connect provider.


Release Notes v. 1.0.0

What's new

WaTTS has been changed to a pure REST server with a JavaScript SPA, so both, the web and the command line clients use the same interface. WaTTS got many new features the most important to mention are:

  • one single configuration file
  • OpenID Connect certified relaying party library
  • authorization based on OpenID Connect information

Supported Platforms:

  • Centos 7
  • Ubuntu14.04

List of RfCs

Deployment Notes

After setting the INDIGO-DC repositories as explained in the Generic Installation & Configuration Guide:

Known Issues

  • N/A

List of Artifacts




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