Service Reference Card

  • Daemons running
    • /usr/lib/jvm/java/bin/java (inside the docker container)
  • Init scripts and options
    • Started as a docker container (docker run)
  • Configuration files location with example or template
    • The configuration parameters are provided through environment variables of the docker run command
  • Logfile locations (and management) and other useful audit information
    • logs can be retrieved with the docker logs command
  • Open ports
    • 8080 HTTP port
  • Possible unit test of the service
    • Continuous unit tests are conducted during development via Jenkins.
  • Where is service state held (and can it be rebuilt)
    • The service state is held in two attached DBs; it can be rebuilt from SQL dumps
  • Cron jobs
    • NONE
  • Security information
    • Access control Mechanism description (authentication & authorization)
      • IAM OAuth2 bearer token (RFC 6750)
    • Firewall configuration
      • Outbound traffic must be allowed to every port and addresses
      • Inbound traffic must be allowed to HTTP port from any addresses
    • Security recommendations
      • It's advised to put the orchestrator behind a reverse proxy with HTTPS enabled

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