Indigo Reposync Service Reference Card

  • Daemons running

There is a daemon that will be run when the service is started named indigo-reposync

  • Init scripts and options (start|stop|restart|...)

Starting and stopping the service is distribution dependant

Ubuntu 14.04

service indigo-reposync (start|stop|restart)

CentOS 7

systemctl (start|stop|status|enable|disable) indigo-reposync

  • Configuration files location with example or template

As explained in the Configuration section the configuration files are stored by default at /etc/indigo-reposync although they can be overriden per user in the folder ~/.indigo-reposync

The files are:

  • with docker configuration
  • with the Indigo reposync configuration
  • with logging configuration
  • repolyst with a list of docker images to synchronize
  • os-share.json with sharing information for OpenStack

A default configuration and a template for is installed in /etc/indigo-reposync when the packages are installed.

  • Logfile locations (and management) and other useful audit information

The logging configuration is managed by the file. By default it will log to /var/log/reposync.log

  • Open ports

The reposync component will listen in a port configured in file. By default it's 8085.

  • Possible unit test of the service

Tests are provided with the source code at by running mvn test

  • Where is service state held (and can it be rebuilt)

The service is stateless

  • Cron jobs


  • Security information

    • Access control Mechanism description (authentication & authorization)

    A token which is defined in file is needed in the header of every request

    • How to block/ban a user

    Not applicable

    • Network Usage

    Network usage is highly dependent of the number and size of the docker images to synchronize

    • Firewall configuration

    The port configured in file should be open to the outside world to allow requests and WebHooks callback from DockerHub.

    • Security recommendations

    Change the token in from the default one

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