Administrator quick start

This section presents a step by step guide to deploy a local Onedata deployment for test purposes using Docker Compose and our helper bash scripts.

More advanced examples can be found at the official Onedata Getting Started repository.

To use this scenario you will need:

docker => 1.11
docker-compose => 1.7

installed on your machine.

Get deployment scenario files

Clone Onedata getting-started repository:

git clone

and navigate to scenarios/2_0_oneprovider_onezone directory.

cd getting-started/scenarios/2_0_oneprovider_onezone

In this scenario all the necessary configuration is injected into Onedata services during installation (see docker-compose configuration files for details). The resulting setup will be ready to work immediately after starting Docker containers.

Setup Onedata services

We will use for running Onedata docker containers. For more information about the script run --help.

Onedata services depend on each other, after each run wait for a confirmation message that service has successfully started before continuing.


To start Onezone service open separate terminal window and execute:

./ --zone

write down a zone container ip that will be printed on the screen.


To run Oneprovider service open another terminal window and execute:

./ --provider

write down a provider container ip that will be printed on the screen.

As this point you have a fully functional Onedata installation preconfigured with values found in scenarios/2_0_oneprovider_onezone/docker-compose-onezone.yml and scenarios/2_0_oneprovider_onezone/docker-compose-oneprovider.yml.

Use Onedata

Open Onezone service web interface under IP address of the Onezone Docker container and use a basic auth method to login into Onezone. Default credentials specified in the docker-compose-onezone.yml file are:

user: admin
password: password

Additionally Management interfaces of Oneprovider and Onezone are available at:

https://<ip or domain of your Oneprovider container>:9443
https://<ip or domain of your Onezone container>:9443

Refer to User quickstart to quickly start using Onedata.

If you happened to run into problems, please report an issue on GitHub or contact us on our support chat. All the necessary information is available on