Deployment Guide

The following link will guide you through the installation of the Ophidia platform. You can decide to install from RPMs, DEBs or source code, but in all cases you should first follow the preliminary steps. After the installation is completed, you can follow the configuration steps to finalize the setup of the environment.

Installation from RPMs or source code

Configuration guide

Installation of the Ophidia stack within a Docker container using Ansible

Pull and run the container using the following commands:

sudo docker pull indigodatacloud/centos-sshd:7-devel

sudo docker run -it indigodatacloud/centos-sshd:7-devel /bin/bash

Run the ansible role within the container

ansible-galaxy install indigo-dc.ophidia-all

ansible-playbook -i /etc/ansible/roles/indigo-dc.ophidia-all/tests/inventory

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