Configuration Guide

The configuration of WaTTS consists of one file. The file is located at /etc/watts/watts.conf. One other location is supported for development purposes; in this case please place your configuration file as ~/.config/watts/watts.conf.

Configuration (watts.conf)

The WaTTS is deployed with sane defaults, you only need to touch user-specific changes.

Each setting consists of one simple line of the format, comments are starting with '#'.

# this is a comment and ignored
key = value

Testing your configuration

WaTTS provides a simple command to check the configuration file

watts chkconfig

run it after changing the configuration to ensure your configuration file is correct. If everything is fine it will print out a line telling you so:

config is OK


There are different datatypes used in the configuration, a detailed description can be seen in the following table.

Datatype Description
'word' the word itself is the value, without the '
host a valid fully qualified hostname
port an integer within the valid range for TCP ports
boolean either 'true' or 'false'
file an absolute path to a file
dir an absolute path to a directory
duration a timespan given by an integer and a unit, the unit can be ms, s, m, h
string just the string value
integer an integer value, i.e. a number
url a valid url, use https as much as possible
comma separated list values separated by comma
any depends on the usage and can't be specified

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