Relying Service Providers


A relying service provider (RSP) is a service that relys on WaTTS for either performing some task or even completely for authentication.


Each setting is prefixed with '' where id must be replaced by the id you want to give to the relying service provider.

Key Description Datatype Mandatory (Default)
keys_location the location of the file / web-page containing the json object with the public keys (see below). the location must be a url with either 'https://' or 'file://' scheme. url yes
show_ui if set to 'false' no user-interface will be shown. boolean no (true)
perform_login If set to 'false' the user won't be redirected to a login. boolean no (true)
base_url The url each url passed to WaTTS in the JWT must start with. string yes

All settings are mandatory.


An example for an RSP, setting its id to simple:

rsp.simple.keys_location =
rsp.simple.perform_login = false
rsp.simple.show_ui = true
rsp.simple.base_url =

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