Configuring SSH for WaTTS

WaTTS does not yet support hashed hosts in the known_hosts file. As the connection to the remote host is done without user interaction, the host MUST be listed in the known_hosts file.

To add a host to the list of known hosts in a way readable for WaTTS, the ssh_config (usually located in /etc/ssh/ssh_config) must have the setting HashKnownHosts no. After checking and eventually updating the configuration, one can login as a WaTTS user.

As a WaTTS user, one connects to remote hosts using the credential specified in the service configuration, with potentially using the verbose flag (-v). During the connection there are two possibilities:

  1. The client asks whether the host should be added. In the case it is a host that should be accessible by WaTTS, the user should answer with yes, and then can go on with the next host.
  2. The client silently connects without asking. If this is the case, the host is already in the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file. In the verbose connection, the output will tell which line in the file belongs to the remote host. In this case you can edit the known_hosts file and delete the line at the number printed before. Save the file and start the connection again, and the situation described above will happen.

After adding all the hosts, the ssh_config should be modified. Open the ssh_config and change the hash hosts setting to HashKnownHosts yes.

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