Thanks for considering contributing to udocker. Contributions to udocker are welcome. You can contribute by improving the documentation, submit bug reports, provide feature requests, or writing code for udocker its installation and testing.

Ground Rules

We aim at having portability, udocker is meant to be executed both on older distributions (such as CentOS 6) and newer, so beware of which python features you use and whether they are supported in older distributions.

udocker is meant to be very easily moved between hosts, and submitted to batch systems, that's why we have everything in a single Python script.

How to report a bug

If you find a security vulnerability, do NOT open an issue. Email instead.

Other issues and or feature enhancements can be communicated on GitHub

Code contributions

  • Perform pull requests against the devel branch.
  • Please check you Python code with pylint.
  • For new features please also provide unit tests.

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